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Our standard of excellence means you’ll never have to hold back your expectations.

Clean Streak has a high standard of excellence

Build a Cleaning Solution that Works for You

Clean Streak daytime janitorial

Daytime Janitorial

Day cleaning services open the doors for your expectations to be met. Your cleaning team will check in with you every day and work alongside you to ensure your facility is presentable at all hours of the day.


Clean Streak restores work

Restorative Cleaning

Whether it’s water damage, mold, or a draining problem, we’re ready to restore order, shine, and safety to your facility.


Clean Streak keeps your supplies stocked

Supplies and Inventory


No more running out of toilet paper at the office. We make sure your cleaning closet stays full and organized, so you can spend less time fighting with online order forms.

Build a Fully Customizable Solution

Floor Cleaning

We’ll create a schedule that keeps your floors shining, without interrupting your daily work schedule. Have a spill? We’ll be right there to clean it up.


Don’t let your clientele walk away with an unsanitary impression of your business. In today’s age, you cannot be safe enough when it comes to disinfecting.


Your guests shouldn’t be the ones to alert you about bathroom messes. Save them the embarrassment with exceptional day porter cleaners who keep your toilets flushing.

Stainless Steel Cleaning

A careful art that works to keep your stainless steel shining—while preserving its lifespan and functionality.


The absence of dust is a telltale sign of an elite and professional establishment. Say goodbye to the dusty spots that the maid always seems to miss. We’ll conquer this and sanitize your surfaces while we’re at it.


Whether it’s water damage, mold, or a draining problem, we’re ready to restore order, shine, and safety to your facility..

Glass Cleaning

You can’t leave glass cleaning until the end of the day. Within just a few minutes, fingerprints will dot your pristine glass and alter your guest’s impression. Our glass cleaning services cover windows, glass doors, and any surface at risk fo

Hard Floor Cleaning

Your floor is an investment that deserves to be treated with the utmost care. We’ll use the highest quality tools to help restore your floors—while increasing its longevity with regular treatments.

Trash Removal

You hire your employees for their expertise—not to worry about how full the trash bins are. Trash removal may seem simple, but it adds just one more unnecessary thing to your employee workload.

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