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What are all the things you wish you could have from your cleaning service?

Do you hope for better communication?

Emergency service on-call?

What about restorative care that maintains the value of your facility?

One of the Leading Commercial Cleaning Services in the Greater Atlanta Area

We were told of the struggles corporate businesses face when hiring a cleaning agency:

Cleaners are only available at night, so communication and requests are often lost in the shuffle.

The onboarding process is a nightmare—so mediocre cleaning companies are kept on the payroll since it takes so much effort to find someone new.

After a few months of exceptional service, cleaning expectations begin to falter. This is because of constantly shifting staff and low pay.

Superior Janitorial Services for an Industry that’s Commonly Overlooked

Airing our workplace frustration, we came up with an idea.

What if we could build a cleaning company that raised the bar? 

A commercial cleaning company with adequate management and employee retention that could actually maintain the investment of multi-million dollar facilities.

Over ten years later, we are doing exactly that. 

We built Clean Streak for companies that cares about their reputation—from the outside in. Primarily, we work with luxury organizations that understand the appearance of their facility impacts their employees and their sales.

A Clean Work Space Drastically Impacts the Performance of Your Company

You choose your employees based on their skills and performance. These studies show how the cleanliness of your workplace can increase or decrease your team’s achievements. According to data, having a well-maintained workplace can:

  • Boost creativity
  • Increase employee retention and happiness
  • Encourage mental focus

If workplace cleanliness has such an impact on employees, imagine what it means to your clients? 

We care about what you do—and are committed to helping you conduct excellent business. We’ll help you establish an organized facility that encourages your clients to see new possibilities—the minute they walk in the building.

Tailored packages that grow with you
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The First Commercial Cleaning Company for Luxury Businesses

Luxury doesn’t have to mean expensive. By maintaining a well-organized and carefully run company, we’re able to offer luxury service at fair prices for those in the greater Atlanta and Charlotte areas. 

We’ll combine our professional customer experience with high-quality cleaners to give you the best cleaning experience you’ve ever had.


Meet the Team


John Flinn

President and Managing Owner

What makes you passionate about your work? Building a culture of excellence that benefits our clients, their customers, and our employees.
A cleaning non-negotiable: Urinal Mats
Starbucks order: Grande Americano with steamed milk
Your biggest cheerleader: My daughters
How long have you worked at Clean Streak? 5 years

John's Bio

Langdon Holzman Clean Streak

Langdon Holzman


What makes you passionate about your work? I love helping companies grow.
A cleaning non-negotiable: the best tools!
Starbucks order: Skinny Café Mocha
Your biggest cheerleader: My wife!
How long have you worked at Clean Streak? Since the beginning!

Langdon's Bio


Steven Accurso


What makes you passionate about your work? To be the best at what we do.
A cleaning non-negotiable:  Fingerprints on glass doors.
Starbucks order: Venti Latte
Your biggest cheerleader:  My lovely wife
How long have you worked at Clean Streak?  Since the beginning!

Steven's Bio

Paulo picture

Paulo Olinger

Director of Operations - Carolinas

What makes you passionate about your work? Cleanliness is a mental health barometer
A cleaning non-negotiable: Make your bed
Starbucks order: Iced Coffee with cream
Your biggest cheerleader:  My youngest and only daughter
How long have you worked at Clean Streak? 2 years

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Nuvia Gonzalez

Operations Manager - Charlotte Metro

What makes you passionate about your work? The opportunities for growth Clean Streak has given me
A cleaning non-negotiable:  Technician shop floors
Starbucks order: Coffee con Leche
Your biggest cheerleader: My husband Omar
How long have you worked at Clean Streak? 3 years

Nuvia's Bio


Cliff Hohas

Business Development Manager - Carolinas

What makes you passionate about your work?  Taking care of my friends and ex-colleagues in the auto industry

A cleaning non-negotiable:  Urinal mats pointing in the right direction

Starbucks order: Carmel Latte

Your biggest cheerleader:  The love of my life Allison

How long have you worked at Clean Streak? I'm in my first year

Cliff's Bio

Cristal Cabrera

Cristal Cabrera

Director of Operations - Atlanta

What makes you passionate about your work? Customer satisfaction and exceeding their expectations are my top priorities
A cleaning non-negotiable:  All high traffic areas should be cleaned, disinfected, and re-checked daily to ensure our clients’ facilities are perfect for their customers
Starbucks order: Grande Decaf Caramel Frappuccino® with Extra Caramel, Whipped Cream, and Caramel Dizzel
Your biggest cheerleader: Myself and my Mother
How long have you worked at Clean Streak? 3 years

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Brian Accurso

Business Development Manager - Georgia

What makes you passionate about your work?  Being part of a great team and helping in the growth of a company that I believe in

A cleaning non-negotiable:  Toilets

Starbucks order: Iced Blond Vanilla Latte

Your biggest cheerleader:  My two sons

How long have you worked at Clean Streak? 18 months

Brian's Bio

Martin picture

Martin Suarez

Operations Manager - Charleston

What makes you passionate about your work? Seeing customers no longer having to worry about the cleanliness of their business
A cleaning non-negotiable: The right people and the right equipment
Starbucks order: Vanilla Cappuccino
Your biggest cheerleader:  Definitely my wife
How long have you worked at Clean Streak? I'm in my first year

Martin's Bio


Clean Streak Stripes

Our Staff Loves Working for Us — So they Love Working for You

We treat our cleaners like professionals—because they are. We focus our efforts on creating an environment where our employees thrive. By providing a living wage, insurance, background checks, free English classes, and opportunities to grow, we build a trusting relationship that motivates our cleaners to perform at their best—always.

The expectation is high—but so is the reward. Clean Streak is a company you can feel good about hiring—knowing your dollars go into the pockets of hardworking cleaners and a local family-owned company. 


our staff loves working with us

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