Responsive and Dependable



Who We Are

Clean Streak, LLC was established in Atlanta, Georgia in 2008.  This came about over two friends visiting Charleston, SC over a weekend watching their wives run a 10K.  While supporting our spouses over a bottle of wine, young in our professional careers, we wanted to do something different.  We wanted to deliver a superior product to an industry that is often overlooked.  Both working in buildings that were not very clean, the answer came to us quickly.  Providing superior janitorial services coupled with a professional customer experience seemed like a great idea to us.  It wasn’t easy at first.  In fact, it was scary.  The perception of clean to both our customers and our employees was still not acceptable to us.  What we wanted was our buildings to look like a museum.  It took a lot of hard work.  A lot of training.  But we had a standard from which we did not want to deviate.  Never accepting second rate cleaning has become our mantra.  It doesn’t just have to be good enough, it has to be industry-changing.  We provide a critically important, but often overlooked service. As a result, most of our repeat clients are prominent and prestigious companies in the Atlanta area.

Keeping your facility clean isn’t just important for your brand,  it is also important for your employees’ performance and well-being. Delivering on that approach is what makes us happy.

Our business model provides solid employment opportunities for people who want to work hard and grow with us.  We treat all employees with dignity and respect, and have strived to create a workplace where all voices are heard.  We perform background checks on our employees and have an established onboarding and training program.