Are You Ready to Raise the Bar?

What are all the things you wish you could have from your cleaning service?

Do you hope for better communication?

Emergency service on-call?

What about restorative care that maintains the value of your facility?

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Clean Streak treats you like an investment
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We founded Clean Streak to be the first full-service luxury commercial cleaning company that stays ahead of your needs.

Go ahead and start dreaming…

Emergency Service On Call

You’ll gain access to our all-inclusive cleaning app that allows you to report emergencies, request service, and leave comments for your cleaning team.

Your Facility Is an Investment

Your building is critical to your success. your safe space. It’s got everything you need to perform your job well—and support your team of employees. We focus on sustaining your investment with regular cleaning, upkeep, and restoration services.

Managing Your Reputation

Set yourself apart from your competitors. Your clean and refreshing environment will impress customers and clients—setting the ambiance before you close the deal.

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Conduct Business with EASE

Our onboarding process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. From the very beginning of our partnership, our team focuses on saving you time by seamlessly maintaining your facility and handling the logistics. You’ll finally be able to take a step back and focus on what’s most important.

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An EXCELLENT Representation of You

It’s not done until we over-deliver. We understand that your facility is a representation of your hard work and dedication. It’s the space where your ideas come alive, and where your employees dream big. That’s why it needs to make an impression.

We focus on maintaining consistency with our employees and structuring our teams with capable leaders—so you can reap the benefits of a cleaning team that’s passionate about results.


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Employee Retention

We focus on giving our employees a healthy working environment—with opportunities to grow. Living wages, health insurance, 401(k) benefits, and free English classes motivate Clean Streak employees to give their best—on and off the job. Our extremely high employee retention rates allow you to reap the benefit of professionals who have mastered the art of cleaning.

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Tailored packages that grow with you
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TAILORED Packages that Grow With You

As a luxury brand, you don’t have time to seek out cleaners and update them on every business change. You’re looking for a team who grows with you—and knows your next steps.

Your Clean Streak solution includes everything your facility needs to impress. We personally customize deliverables for every client—and we’ll perform monthly check-ins to make sure you’re getting exactly what you signed up for.

Your Clean Streak solution includes everything your facillity needs to impress. We personally customize deliverables for every client—and we’ll perform monthly check-ins to make sure what you’re getting is exactly what you signed up for.

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