Frequently Asked Questions

We have something in common with luxury businesses: our standards are extremely high. We believe premier companies deserve a cleaning service that exceeds their expectations—and keeps their clients coming back.

We take great care to hire capable cleaners and train them for excellence. Our management practices are built around longevity. We help you sell the experience alongside the product to your customer.

Rediscover the magic of your facility. You didn’t construct a multimillion dollar building for nothing. Whether your goal is to make employees more comfortable or to impress elite clientele, the experience of walking through your doors should be extraordinary.

Facility maintenance allows you to protect your expensive investment. It keeps the integrity of the original build, extends your building’s lifetime use, and ensures you can cash in when it’s time to sell.

While most cleaning agencies are plagued with employee turnover and consumed with making a profit, Clean Streak is different. We built our company around honest principles and the belief that everyone should benefit from the work we’re doing together.

Our cleaning solutions focus on more than just dusting and disinfecting. We provide full-service professional solutions that include restoration cleaning, supplies and inventory procurement, and regular communication—to set your building apart from competitors.


Day porter cleaning is intimidating at first. Adding more people to your office space can feel like a lot to manage.

After many years of experience in the cleaning industry, we promise the benefits of day porter cleaning far outweigh the risks.

Our cleaning teams are discreet—you’ll hardly notice them. By allowing them to maintain your building during working hours, you’ll never feel like your facility slowly declines throughout the day.

If you’re a luxury business constantly frustrated with the standards of your night cleaners, day porter cleaning is exactly what you need.


It’s common for cleaning companies to have problems with staffing. Wages tend to be low at cleaning agencies, and employees work after hours—meaning they usually have multiple jobs or other responsibilities.

At Clean Streak, we focus on giving our employees careers they can be proud of. They receive fair wages, insurance benefits, a 401(k), free English classes, and opportunities to grow. These benefits encourage cleaners to stay long-term, so they can perfect their craft. This means turnover is extremely low, and you won’t be introduced to a new cleaner every month.